Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Raw Hem Jeans: Fashion's Gift to the Short Legged

Raw hem jeans are everywhere this fall, and luckily for this 4'10 3/4" lady, it's a super easy DIY. When you are constantly having to cuff or hem your pants, and even "short" lengths are too long, a style that only requires cutting away length is welcomed with open arms. I also really like the step hem, so I took the cutting a little further and created a petite sized step.

 I probably own about 10 pairs of jeans, but only wear the same 3 over and over again, so picking one to cut up wasn't too hard. I've had this pair for years, and even though I hardly wear them, I still couldn't bring myself to get rid of them. Perhaps I subconsciously knew I would need them for a DIY project in the future, or maybe I just hoard clothes....

First step is estimating the length, so I took a pair of pants that had a good length and measured them up to the jeans I was cutting up. If you want a step hem, make sure you are measuring for the longest length. My mom hooked me up with sewing essentials, so I have this nifty tracing tool and paper that lets me mark where to cut. Sometimes I also use a pencil or pen, but that is a little more permanent so be extra careful where you mark.

Next just cut a straight line across where you marked, or not if you want something with more of an undone look. For the step hem, I cut it all one length first, and made smaller vertical cuts where I wanted the step to start and stop. Then you cut straight across again, but this time only on the area you want shorter.

I ended up wanting a more cropped length then the original pants I measured from, so I tried them on and re-cut several times before getting the right length. I also wanted some more stressing, so I made some cuts at the knee. When I was done, I took a suede brush (a small brush with really stiff bristles), and kept brushing along the freshly cut edges until they started to fray a little bit. I didn't do too much, as I know they will continue to fray with ware and washing.

There you have it, a DIY with shorties in mind. What are your tricks for styling short legs?

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