Sunday, September 11, 2016

Roller Skate Girl T-shirt

There is nothing better then a good tee. They are comfy, easy to wear, and have potential for a really unique outfit without much effort. I came across what is potentially my favorite T-shirt ever while poking around a small boutique chain in LA called Varga. The tee is super soft, has an excellent drapy/flowy look, and is thin without being too transparent. This shirt tells the dramatic story of a cute roller girl out for a casual skate when she gracefully executes a jump, but instead of sticking the landing, she falls flat on her face. As a fellow klutz, I really related with the Roller girl and immediately knew that this was the perfect shirt for me.

While the image was perfect, I was a little hesitant about the fit when I first pulled it off the rack. It has a loose boxy fit, which is usually a bad sign for me as a petite lady. I was pleased to find that while it does have a boxy fit, the shoulders and arm holes fit well, making it the perfect loose shirt without looking "too big". The hem also hits in just the right spot. I have a particularly short torso so a lot of tops are particularly long on me. On someone with a longer torso, this may fit slightly cropped.

I was really impressed with the quality of the material and the creativity, so I looked up the brand, Sadie & Sage. They are a small Southern California based clothing brand who's products are "100% Made With Love" and you definitely feel the love when you wear this shirt. Unfortunately, Sadie & Sage is wholesale only and Varga doesn't have it on their online store either, but I was able to find it here on a site called Dolls Kill (I've never ordered or heard of them before so I don't really know anything about them other then that they sell this shirt, which I suppose is a sign that they have good taste). I will absolutely be keeping an eye out for more shirts and products by this brand. Anyway, done raving about this shirt... for now.

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