Sunday, October 9, 2016

Boyfriend Jeans

 There is a long list of trends that petites are not supposed to wear, but that's absurd. Petites can wear any trend or style as long as you get the right fit and proportions. Sadly it can be hard to find clothing with the right proportions, so sometimes you have to be creative and make it work. I like to shop at thrift stores for creative solutions, often vintage clothes have a smaller fit for women, and since trends tend to come back, sometimes you can find items that were trendy years ago and are now back. At thrift store prices, I also don't feel bad about experimenting with diy projects or trying out a new trend I'm not sure about.

I bought some  510 Levi's (not to be confused with the famous 501) at a thrift store in downtown LA and they provided the perfect boyfriend fit for me! They were loose, but not overwhelming. They were a little long, but nothing a little cuffing couldn't fix. I felt like they were a true boyfriend fit for my frame. If I wear them low on my hips, I get the low, slightly dropped crotch that is prevalent with men's styles. Bonus: I can also wear them as well fitted high-waisted jeans as long as I wear a belt since the waist is a little big.

 At the thrift store, they were in the women's section so I assumed they were a women's style, but it turns out they are LITERALLY boyfriend jeans. Apparently, 510 is a Men's style and somehow I fit in a 29 X 30? Mind. Blown. The more I shop, the more I discover that the only place to shop for women's clothes is outside the women's department.

When wearing boyfriend jean's I like to preserve the chill vibe and keep it simple with a loose top and some cute shoes (these one's are Steve Madden heels). The jewelry is pretty simple, a solitaire necklace that I always wear and a few bracelets. 

Beauty Note: I was inspired by this article on pigtail buns on StyleCaster, but at first I thought there was no way I would be able to pull this look off. I tried a more subtle half up take on the trend and am really excited with the result!

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  1. Love this ootd! Boyfriend jeans are a closet staple : )

    xx, Amy